Mere words cannot express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for our friends and collectors. Throughout the years, we continue to treasure your heartfelt support and your willingness to share your kindred spirits with us.

In celebration of light, land, and spirit always,

The Fatali Family

Patron Testimonials

Fatali, I’m writing to honor you and your incredible work. The images that you capture are some of the most beautiful and wondrous scenes my eyes have witnessed. The passion for your craft shines through brilliantly in all of the remarkable masterpieces that you create. The enclosed gift is a symbol of light and the tremendous beauty that you so magnificently bring into the world. Keep up the fantastic work. Craig Dean Duncan

Dear Fatali, My soul has thoroughly enjoyed your creation and was soaked in its ethereal beauty. Thank you. God Bless. Love, Shabu Desai

My wife and I absolutely love the photograph. My perceptions of the folds of color, light, and texture change with each viewing, depending heavily on my mood and mental space. This quality of pulling a viewer in to participate creates a deep and varied experience. Best Wishes, Jason

I am blown away. Your work takes my breath away! I looked at your field notes and saw that you would wait for day for the right light. For you to do that, you’d have to be so in tune with Nature so in tune with the subtle nuances of the light, air, and land that you are taking pictures of…you honor this wonderful, mysterious world with your art. Thank you so much. In my own spiritual journey, images such as those you present are more than just beautiful pictures. As my eyes rest on them, my soul stirs. There is an undeniable connection we as humans have with our planet…we’ve sadly forgotten this. Your work makes me remember, take me home.Thank you… Cristina

Thank you SO very much for your kind gift. I know there will be many hours of relaxed enjoyment ahead. You have a marvelous talent for bringing one back to basics: earth, water, light, shadows, time and eternity. In our situation we need to “touch the hem” of that perspective and continue healing. One cannot go through the extent of trauma of a liver transplant without some bumps in the road. I know your gift will make those bumps much easier! Thank you again! Best wishes to you all. May the holidays bring “Fatali Light” into each of your homes. Rev. Ed

We are very, very pleased with our “Angel Arch” print! I grew up in various cities and towns in Arizona, but have been living outside the state (and/or country) since 1995. With a glance this print transports me back to the magic of the Southwest, wherever I may be living. Thank you Fatali! Best regards, Jason Brenizer & Michelle Sureddin

Hello Mr. Fatali, Since 4 weeks ago the photos we have ordered on our last holiday in USA have reached Germany. Both look very great and spectacular-thank you for making these fantastic coloured photos. Now we are owners of 3 Fatali-photos and we are proud of them. Great wishes to all of the team, Christine Mohn

Hello Fatali, Just a short note to let you know that the photographs have arrived, and they are absolutely beautiful. Please accept our thanks and best regards, Roland & Nancy Jugandi

Dear Mr. Fatali, I was in Utah, Springdale, recently. I went to see your gallery. What a great wonderful work you are doing. I am using simple adjectives to express the beauty of your work, but really your worked amazed me as much as the real work of nature did. That was my very first time in Utah in National Parks. My home is very far from there, but I promised myself that one day, I hope soon, I will return, I want to spend more time admiring the incredible beauty of the national parks and your work. I know you do not need my compliments or appreciation, you are a very successful artist, but I guess, I feel the need to tell you how much I love art from nature and your work is one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you and keep working. Mirella Panozzo

Absolutely stunning! You capture the spirituality of the subject so intensely. Vicki Corant

Earth shaking imagery! Simply wonderful and mind blowing. My trip to Zion has been enhanced even more by my visit to your gallery today. Thank you!! Doreen Burcham

Your photographic work is striking, alive and has made a great impact on me….There are a few prints I would love to own… I’m going to save my pennies and at some point in time, purchase something from you. I am a photographer and have had some arguments with one member about “what is good landscape photography”. He pointed me to French photographer Yann Artus-Bertrand. I did not like his work as his blacks are too muddy and his work has no soul. I found you through a search and was just knocked out of my socks. I’ve forwarded your page to him as what I believe is a representation of outstanding work!!! One day, I will have the luxury of going back to shooting beauty in the way I see it. Your work is an inspiration to that end. Right now, I must shoot people and artistic photojournalism in my own unique way- for weddings as it pays the bills…Thank god the industry has changed and I can shoot people in such a way as they look natural and emotional and real as well as beautiful. Someday, when I don’t have to worry about paying the bills, if I can come close to the results I see in your nature work- I’ll die and go to heaven. Mary Ball

Hi Fatali and Family, Just to let you know that the 2 photographs we ordered during our visit to your gallery on 26th September…(Dream Forest and Back of Beyond) have arrived safely, well packed in the tube, in good condition, and with no creases. We are going to get them framed and hung up in our family room, so that they will be a reminder of your exquisite photography, and our lovely time spent in Utah, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Many thanks plus best regards, Olanda Gabaldo & Dave Copnall

Hello Fatali, I bought 5 of your wonderful prints where they hand on my daughters family room wall in Toronto, which is a deep salmon colour (yes, I’m Canadian). They are fantastic! Keep up your wonderful work…it is most impressive. It was your cousin that helped me…such a dear. All the best, Donna Richards

Fabulous work- I love that you are a big philanthropist giving back with your beautiful work. Serena D’Arey-Fishes

Thank you for your inspirational message…wishing the Fatali family a happy Mothers Day with our love from Los Angeles, California…every time we celebrate a holiday or happiness in our life I have only look at one of your photos to get inspiration and feel the love of Nature and God…with our Love Rosalie and Kurt Bronner

I can feel you Love the Earth! All scenes flow from your eye to the screen! AMAZINGLY BLESSED! YOu have caught God’s eye! Debbie Mobley

This is so nice. Thank you! Now I know why you take such beautiful pictures, because you see them through God’s eyes. Thank you for that also. A fan of yours and God’s natural creations. Linda

Fatali, you are a one-in-the-world…and it reflects in your photographic art…at this time of thanksgiving, thanks to you for capturing nature at it most godlike moment. Joy/Peace/Love Bruce & Kathleen Singer

21st century Ansel Adams. Carlos Lopez

Fatali, Dennis & I want you to know how grateful we are to own (finally) the one image we have been looking at for years. Our thanks to you & Morgan for helping us in making this happen! Sincerely, Adria Stein

I don’t like to hang color photographs on my walls unless it is a Fatali! Gus O’Hare

LOVE that they are not digitally altered. Thank you for bringing the attention back to the photographer and process! Leta Sweasy.

Exquisite work– your work is unique and ethereal and a feast for the eyes. Robert & Kenda Tribble

Thank you! We’ve received our framed picture in perfect condition. It is hung in our bedroom, looks beautiful and simply awaits cooler weather when I can go into the attic comfortably and wire the halogen fixture we have for it. Many thanks! Roy & Marsha

Hello, Thank you for the wonderful message. You continue to inspire us thru your photographs. The amazing beauty of nature and color continues to lift our spirits and our souls. We strive to attain your high standard of excellence, it’s amazing what one feels when they view one of your photographs. I hope someday that I could meet you and attend your school in Rockville. Thank you, Terry Thomas

Fatali, I received the framed “North Pole” this week. Took it out of the box but didn’t unwrap it. Looks like it arrived in good shape. An amazing photograph! One of my favorite pieces of art– bar none! Regards, Keith Aibel

Fatali, received “Heavens Whisper” and honored to have print #2. Your choice of frame was excellent, shipping arrived perfectly intact. Thanks for the opportunity to meet with you personally in your workroom. Dan

These photographs take my breath away. They are stunning. After seeing your online portfolio, I have decided to return to Arizona and Utah myself for a big of a holiday. I was looking for inspiration and found it in your photographs. Again, Thank you, Alice Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Fatali, Hello! We did, indeed, receive our beautiful image last Thursday evening– in perfect condition. This is so exciting for us, we can’t stop going into the room where it hangs and just staring at it. Thank you! We will be in touch in the Fall as we look to fill more rooms with “land and spirit”! Take care, Matt & Magda Hirsch

Dear Mr. Fatali, I had no idea what I was in store for when my friend told me we ‘had’ to go to your gallery- I was just spell bound to say the least-what a great talent!!! I am enthralled by the images and deeply moved by the emotions that emanated from the pictures. I have never seen such powerful pictures in my life and I have lived in a lot of places, seen a lot of art. These pictures haunt me and I love them. Regards, Ranjini Rolls

Just letting you know that I got the print and its spectacular!!! I like it. Yes, I’ll definitely have to visit Springdale again. Lane

The print arrived and it is fabulous. What a great gift you have. Much success. I have been sending your website to people around the globe. It is so nice to meet people who are using their talents and who are on the ‘path’. Thank you again, Barbara

Hi Fatali, I visited your gallery for the first time today, and then later on in the eveing with my family… you and your wife encompass the same parallel beauty as your vision for photography. You have answered one of lifes mysteries by revealing what is nothing less than true honesty through your patience and love for this beautiful art and I just wanted to thank-you for sharing. Sometimes, seeing the true, raw, beauty of this world is all it takes to make those blinders disappear…have a happy new year filled with many more curiosities. Alysia Rodriguez

Fatali, Our Mystic Waters image came today. It’s incredible!! Wow. The framing is perfect and we are absolutely delighted with the whole thing. It was worth it! Sephonnie

Dear Fatali, Just been looking through your images- I’m astounded at your work. They show such incredible beauty. You are definitely one of the most stunning photographers I have ever seen in my life. Bravo. Ideally, your images will bring others to see just how amazing this world really is- and how wonderful our imaginations are. Bless you, Ahh

Way back in October last year when I first spoke to you- I suddenly realized it was you ‘Himself’, I called you a “genius”. Perhaps your recall this and perhaps not. Either way, Tess and I think you’re a genius or “Master” in your profession. We have been really struck by the awesome work you do and we were so thrilled to order “Jason’s Corner.” Well the picture arrived today. It is exquisite, Mike, something of extreme beauty. Already put up on the wall, and in pride of place in our from room, we constantly stop to look at it. We are enamoured with this picture and all the skill (and adventure) that went into your getting this delightful scene in photo form. Somehow we forgot, or overlooked, the fact that you elect to dispense with digital photography preferring instead to use film, dark rooms, etc. Magical. You have been a real delight to deal with. To reiterate, we were so surprised to actually speak to the artist who makes these amazing images. In a nutshell, your artwork will give us, and our family and friends, much pleasure in the years to come. Thank you again! Rest assured we will promote you amongst our friends. Mike & Tess

Dear Mr. Fatali, I have seen your work in Springdale and now on the web. You are certainly the finest landscape photographer working today and perhaps ever. Incomparable…My purpose in writing you is just to say that and nothing more. I want you to know this compliment is coming from someone who is visually literate. I have been part-time pro for 44 years and a full-time pro for 30. I have seen original work by Weston and Adams and Eliot Porter. I visit galleries. I have shot in places you have shot. Keep it up. All the best…Jim Hockings

We received our picture last Friday and are thrilled with it. Both of us are excited to have it in its “home”. Jim and Lynn

I saw your photos in Springdale on a trip to Zion with my mother and husband, who was killed shortly after that fabulous hiking trip- going to your gallery with him and my mom is one of my best memories. Heather Halsey

We just opened Sunkissed and it’s beautiful. Susan

My Dear Friend, All day yesterday I looked forward to the evening at your lovely, oh so lovely gallery. From the moment I walked in I was warmed and excited by the radiance of what you had brought together: intriguing people and gorgeous art and the abundance of your graciousness. My gosh you are a stunningly wonderful being. I stood before your images awed by their beauty- feeling and seeing their message and your message and the enchantment the two of you shine into the world. I stood amidst the gathered people and felt their love for you, boundless for more than a few. I stood in a classroom with you, a masterful teacher, a kind diplomate, an inspired and inspired leader, a new friend to me yet one I feel I have know for a time beyond years. Thank you for coming into my life and bringing me into yours. Martin

I received a package from FedEx today containing “Forbidden Dreams”, which I am extremely happy with. Alec

With great pleasure we just received the beautiful image. It fills out our room with warm colours and the spirit of the American nature. Regarding the foto we remember the great time we spent in the National Parks in Utah. Maybe we can come back again to visit you in the gallery. We wish you all the best for the future and many thanks. Uschi and Peter, Switzerland

Both of the prints arrived safe and sound. They are as beautiful as I remember them. We are thrilled they are finally here. My husband and I want to hang them and light them just right, so would you please advise us in that regard. I appreciate your guidance since you are the master at creating and displaying your own works. Carol and Jim

Our picture arrived in excellent shape on day before we expected. It is a beautiful photograph. Thank you for your excellent work. William

G’day. I just wanted to take a short moment to tell you how much your work has re-inspired me in my own fields of photography. It is difficult to stay “energized” with an ongoing goal, and your work has helped to rekindle that feeling within me. I have taught the use of light and consider it to be the “moving force” in all really outstanding photos, but as usual it is a difficult concept to teach, my speciality if you will is macro, I find that the “world with the world” is an amazing focus for photography. I am a TV producer for KFTL in San Francisco, and also do a national radio talk show each week, in the past I was a professional photographer, and that has helped with my tv productions. But excuse my impoliteness, it was not me I was here to talk about but you and your amazing talent. Keep up the great work, and I will make a point of visiting your Nevada showcase soon. In the greatest respect. Raleigh Adams.