Image Values & Availability

Fatali Cibachrome Originals

These rare photographs have significantly increased in value due to extinction of the raw materials and limitation of how few will ever be made again. We have acquired the last of the materials ever made with proper storage of the papers and chemistries within our freezers; we can extend the shelf life for another 5-7 years to release new images in the future. Any of the existing images in our collections are the last of what Fatali has printed without plans of ever releasing them again in a Cibachrome. So, what ever we have left is it! On average Fatali only printed about twenty-five Cibachrome prints of each image title. That is a very small number of originals created. Each Cibachrome is considered an original as they were printed only one at a time and cannot be printed identically like you can with a digital file or a lithography process. However, Fatali uses an Artist Proof to match his recipe in the darkroom to assure that each and every image printed looks like his saved artist proof. Each Cibachrome is hand signed and numbered by Fatali. They also accompany a certificate of authenticity for each and every image printed by hand. Fatali is often referred to as the Ansel Adams of color. He is a master photographer as well as a master printer with thirty years in the field and in the darkroom creating images collected by many worldwide. Even though we have images on websites, there is nothing quite going to replace the experience of being in our gallery and standing in front of Fatali image. We personally invite you to into our gallery to experience for yourself why these images are so exquisite. Send an “Image Inquiry” to one of our Fatali Representatives for the current Fatali Image Portfolios.

Limited Edition Releases -NEW

When a Cibachrome Original image is sold out in the size it was released, we will generally release a limited number of Illumachromes prints in a total edition of 750 in all available sizes combined. Illumachrome prints are high quality photographs that are produced using a LightJet Fuji Crystal Archive and wet darkroom process. To purchase a Fatali photograph, please call 877-250-8848 and we will be happy to check current pricing and availability for you.