Earth Mother

My dear Earth Mother,
You call to me, and I come…
I am drawn to your wonder.
Guide me, teach me,
nourish me, and heal me.

Earth Mother,
Let my feet touch your grounds, so I may have connection with you.
Allow my mind to travel; unbind my imagination.
Allow my eyes to really see, to be blessed with your image….
You are the nature of my soul, who gave me life,
all things preceding unto me, with all things returning after me.
Your light, is the hidden language of my soul.
Your translations,
being the essence of all life you touch
through the prisms of our heart, are ancient.
As a child of your light,
and the container of your spiritual revelations,
I am grateful for your purity,
which shines around us and within us.
This gift from you, an inheritance to all,
is an expression of your creation.

This is the circle of gifting to our Earth Mother,
when we experience and recognize the truth,
beauty, and wisdom, within others and within ourselves.
We visit you to broaden our imagination
and renew our spirit,
by reinterpreting your simplicity.
We promise to dance in your light,
in celebration of the spiritual gifts
you grant the human spirit,
which flow through us,
carrying your promise of heaven
and your gentle love.

From all of us who walk in your beauty,
we give praise to you,
for the visions of paradise we call home…
Earth Mother.