Fatali Eye Productions


“I consider my ability to focus onto a scene in two parts: the first, by bringing light into clarity through the medium of a lens, or what I will refer to as the ‘eye’. With every lens being an eye, each one has it’s own unique look and feel, as like the soul. This makes the lens of choice as opportunities for seeing in new ways. You can never have enough lenses; you just need the right one for the right moment; vision you have been inspired from.


“The other is the blissful moments that are seen from my eyes to yours, and reflecting back again through personal inner vision; that transcribe the mind’s eye. Without this, I would merely record place and time that suffers loss of emotion and imagination. My goal as an image-maker is to compassionately share my perspective of the light, and the essence of it being my subject.”


“I am thrilled to use both still and motion pictures to serve as invitations that can inspire hope, touch the spirit, and bring affirmation with a life with wonder through an ancient connection, with Nature.”

Co-Producer, Director, and Cinematographer
Presents: An In The Making 70mm 360 Earth Feature Film For Release in 2020
Beyond Words

Fatali is a recording artist of light! He has devoted the last twenty-five years capturing on still film, the spirit of nature, within the Desert Southwest. He listens to nature, is a very passionate and instinctive way. His gift of expressing the Earth’s spirit translates into a language that speaks to the soul. He immerses himself completely with his subject, with a study of it, and comes intimate with it, in every stage of production. He is closely involved, from visual concepts, designing sophisticated equipment, and to framing each scene as a work of art. The raw beauty and power of Fatali images have lead him in a classification of a world’s top landscape photographer. It is exciting to envision about what he will do in motion picture and what we will experience in his films to be released!

Fatali Eye Productions is exclusively using large format 70mm motion picture films for hire, footage licensing, and special venues. His image making style is a classification in its own and best described as creations in non-verbal, art-reels featuring time-lapse and motion captures that focuses on the spirit of nature. The subjects and cast for most of his productions are simply the light, beauty, and wonder of the Earthscapes.

Fatali is very dedicated to capturing the best images quality possible, without any comprises! There is not denying that bigger film is better! If you have a project that needs a Fatali eye, we welcome you!

Follow Fatali films in the making at Behind the Scapes or Filmscapes.

Large Format Journey Still to Motion

fatali_camera_portrait_colorFrom thirty-years behind a lens of the still camera, to the last seven years in the making of Fatali Eye Productions, we are grateful to share with you our debuting Large Format motion film based company. Seeding from Fatali’s vision in the minds eye, and the translations of his visual narrations of nature’s light, land, and spirit…in hopes you will be inspired by nature’s beauty, to praise and preserve these natural wonders for generations.

fatali-camera-02superamaWe began this journey seeking the very best large negative cameras and lenses ever made. Starting from an era of quality standards that were set very high, with no compromise, like the innovations of the widescreen large format cinema of Cinerama, VistaVision, Superama, and the great Todd-AO. Legendary innovators and filmmakers such as John Ford, created many masterpieces’ such as “the Alamo” and “Cheyenne Autumn” using the same large format cameras we use in our productions. The large format image is not only recognized by these legends but still considered by many today as the very best quality and experience created in the art of film.

When modifying the gear, it was no easy task. A great challenge has been the technical aspects and purely the physical size and weight of these giant cameras for accessing remote locations where most would not dare to go. All this in great effort, for the reward to bring back timeless, breathtaking images, to the silver screen.

We select the perfect tools for each production, from an arsenal of Jibs, Cranes, Dollies, Motion Control, Film Trucks, Aerial Mounts, and other innovative tools that mount and move the camera. After the large format FILM work-flow is created, in 65mm image capture, we then integrate the images into the latest cutting edge of digital audio and visual post production technology. Our crew provides a full service large format production for you. Whether you are seeking the very best of nature in stock footage, feature films, or timelapse images, we are very passionate about making your dreams come into the light.

Ultra360Earth-The-EyeWe will creatively direct your film project with stunning 65mm cinematography by Fatali and our behind the scapes camera crew to make documentaries from the stories behind the making of the film. Why go large format film? Simply for the highest image quality possible, and overall feel and look of film.